Monday, March 9, 2009

It Still Does it for Me

Barbie and a box 'o fabric that is. I did all my obligatory chores yesterday and then set to work making a sloper for Barbie. I started by making a body map (tracing her body like she was a crime scene victim) and then noting all the pertinent measurements. I retrieved the box of fabric scraps from the garage. You know, the fabric bits that aren't quite big enough to make a full size garment, aren't quilting type textiles, but you love them too much to part with? I had exiled them to the garage a couple of months ago with the thought I would give them away to my boss for her grandaughter's to play with. Then this Barbie thing came up and I was glad I still had the fabric. Not that I don't have an ample supply of fabric upstairs, but hey...back off Barbie! You still got the can have MY cast offs!!! HeHeHe!!!! Anyway, I popped in a movie and drafted away. Barbie is wearing a new pair of pants and T shirt. I have a pair of cropped jeans and a couple dresses cut out. It really was fun to make patterns again. I think sometimes I get too caught up in using someone elses pattern rather than drafting my own. Maybe this is the push I needed to start thinking outside the box again. Thanks Barbie!


Julia said...

Can't wait to see Barbie in her new duds.

gwensews said...

What fun, playing with dolls again! Little girls never grow up! Have fun. Anxious to see the clothes.

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