Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yay! When I awoke this morning I was officially on vacation! 10 days without punching a timeclock! Or rather punching my own timeclock. My boss gave me a wonderful birthday present of an Orange/Ginger candle & spray and a Tinkerbell watch. Tinkerbell, you ask? We discovered we were both nicknamed Tinkerbell as children...her for obvious moniker was not as easy...I was Tinkerbell because I liked to "tinker" with things...still do! Today we have a meeting with our tax accountant (let's get the bad news out of the way first) and then we will get ready for our trip to the beach! All I need are my waders and my clam gun. Okay, maybe some extra clothes and some food for the camper, but that's about it...oh and a book, maybe Stephenie Meyer's "New Moon"...and my crochet project. I am making a baby blanket for one of our students. The day I get back to work we are having a babyshower (shhh...don't tell's a surprise). I also picked up some onesies to embroider some cool things for her. I will work on that this afternoon. When I got home from work last night I had company...Annie and my little man came to spend the night. He was already sacked out of course, so we got to visit for a little while before she was ready for bed too...young mothers...they are always so tired...LOL!!! I can't imagine why... Spring has officially started here. Tom saw the first hummingbird of the season on Monday, so I whipped up a batch of hummer food and set out my feeders. It didn't take long until the first one arrived...a beautiful ruby throated guy. We have been enjoying the baby squirrels as they are starting to feed...they have no fear of us...or the big squirrels for that matter...they like to chase the big guys out of the feeders. Looks like we will need to make some more feeders. I have this little painted enamel pan that I fill with my squirrel mix and it is adorable to see them sitting in the pan. The houses that Tom made with the roofs are nicer to keep the feed dry with the Spring showers, but the critters are pretty good about keeping the pan empty! Critter feeding...another sign I have become my mother!!! Well, enough rambling...guess I better get this party started!!!


2BSewing: said...

How cool...hummingbirds! I don't think we see them here until May/June.

Enjoy your vacation! :)

Julia said...

I've been seeing the cutest little blue bird in our yard the past few days. I hope they don't build a nest in my wreath on my front door again though. I didn't know about Trace Adkins. I'll have to check out his site. My daughter will too. Thanks you. Emory is not only allergic to food, but to all kinds of environmental stuff too. The first really bad reaction she had was to sun screen and they live in Arizona in the desert!!! Thanks for your info1

gwensews said...

Have a great vacation!