Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Obsession

It's true...I'm obsessed. I love to collect sewing machines. I found a Janome 134D Mylock on Craigslist for $75.00. I emailed on it and received word back that it was sold, so I sent back a thanks for letting me know note. Shortly after the guy emailed me back to say the lady backed out and was I interested. Well, YEAH!!! So I went and picked it up this evening. The guy told me that he had wanted to learn to sew but never could figure out how to sew with it. I am pretty good figuring out what's wrong, so it didn't take me long to figure out that it had the rolled hem needle plate on. It does a fierce rolled hem, but until I get the standard needle plate, there will be no serging. The machine came with a lot of thread, books, etc., but no needle plate or other machine accessories.I emailed the guy to se if he had any other parts or pieces, but not to worry. I've already located the proper needle plate to order and will do so tomorrow if he doesn't repond. It's a nice sturdy unit...I think it will be a great little serger for Sara once I get it all together. I did more than shop today...I completed a skirt...review to follow after I get some pictures of it.


Sharon Sews said...

Sweet! Can you come over to my house and help me figure out what's wrong with my serger? *LOL*

Stop by my blog - I left you an award

Maryissewfast said...

I would love to come diagnose your serger...what's it doing (or not doing?) :)

Kat said...

Wow! $75? You got yourself a nice little machine, Mary! Enjoy it.