Thursday, October 29, 2009

Better Today

It was another rainy day in Oregon. No big surprise here. I had considered going to a matinee of Michael Jackson's "This is It", but after I did my workout and showered, my sweats called out to me, so I decided to just stay home. It was a good decision. I finished the plaid wool vest, so I have a new outfit to wear to work tomorrow. I took my time with it and it was deeply gratifying just to work the process. I didn't have any music or TV on...just me the fabric and the hum of the machine. And the occasional encounter of the furry kind. The Chief likes to light on the back of my chair to supervise. I finished a spool of thread and tossed it for her to play with. Immediately Jo, the jealous one, took the spool away from her and proceeded to chew on it, which resulted in my putting it in the trash. Poor Chief. As I was working out this morning, I spent a lot of time thinking about my Mom. I always get melancholy this time of year because I lost her on a rainy night in October. One of the things about Mom was that she loved her animals...immensely. Pictures always included the animals and she always had some anecdote about what was going on with her epiphany...I have become my Mother!!! Sometimes I look in the mirror and I see her in my reflection. Not a supernatural see her face, but I see her in my smile, or her crinkle in my eyes. Maybe it is just the aging process. I feel reflective more and more...something that I didn't do so much when I was younger. Okay...enough of is Project Runway night...I have my Burda's here to organize...I'm going to copy the line drawings and put them in a binder so I can easily access the designs. I also have some things to cut out...more plaid wool and I need to eat something...back to work in the morning. Stay tuned...More later!


julia said...

So often these days people tell me that I look like my Mother. All my life I was told that I looked like my dad. I had his coloring and all that. I also get told, by my daughters and my sister, that I act like my mom. I thank them when they tell me that. They aren't necessarily meaning it as a compliment but I let them think that I think they do. Does that make sense? My mom is a worrier and they tell me I am too.
We all need time for reflection.

Maryissewfast said...

I know what you mean Julia...I laugh and apologize to my son-in-law for what is to come...he thinks I'm kidding! (Insert evil laugh here!)

Kat said...

Hmmm...I don't look much like my mother, nor my father. And me, my brother, and two sisters all have different looks. We could all be by different mailmen LOL. My sister was once accused of cheating on her boyfriend...when she went to the movies with our brother! She had long, dark wavy hair and olive skin with dark green eyes, and our brother is a fair-skinned, blue-eyed blonde!

Yes, we definitely have the same two parents. But genetics sure are weird. The one way you can tell us we all have the same high cheekbone structure.

laura said...

I have a sewing partner too and it's become a bit of a joke in our apartment. As soon as the fabric comes out, Chlorox comes running. She then lies all over everything but this is what I don't understand; I take fabric scraps and place them right in front of her and hope she'll lie on those instead. But she doesn't. She'll step over them and lie right down on the good stuff again. This goes on all night long.
My sister looks like my mother but I act like her!!! I don't know which is worse (Just kidding!).

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