Thursday, December 31, 2009

Awards and Looking Forward...

Linda of Danvillegirl Sewing Diary acknowledged me with these 2 awards, so what better time to get real than New Year's Eve? With both awards you are to acknowledge the person who presented you with the award and to tell 10 honest things or 10 interesting things about yourself. You are then to present the award to others and post that information here and link to their blog. I will combine the 10 interesting things (not sure if I have 10 interesting things to report!) and 10 honest things.  I will throw these awards out to my readership, because you're all worthy of merit in my books (and I am too lazy to link to you's that for an Honesty Scrap?)

1. I am currently worried about my JoJo...he has not been feeling well for a couple of days (I'll spare you the disgusting details) and of course his Vet's office is closed New Years Eve and Day!  WTF??? We have an appointment this afternoon at the office covering for them...he is not in acute distress, but I don't think I will enjoy the holiday worrying about my little guy.

2. I miss my daughter. Alot! We talk via the computer often, but I'd really like to give her a hug right now! (And it doesn't mean anything that Jo was listed first!)

3. My hair is turning gray...I colored it yesterday as the roots were showing...not a pretty gray either...a dull, uninteresting flat gray...thank goodness for hair color!

4. I am not that great of a housekeeper...Linda said it, so I'll fess up too.  There are other things that I would rather do.  I do maintain a standard of cleanliness, but it isn't that high.  Years ago in my nursing school study group we were having a discussion about what a mess our house was currently in.  I thought mine was bad until my friend piped up "oh yeah?  My son threw up a month ago in the bathroom and it's still there!" Okay, my house ain't that bad!

5. I actually like to cook and bake.  I've baked all our bread for years now and store bought bread tastes icky now.

6. I worked really hard to bring my cholesterol down with diet and exercise, but I missed the mark.  The good news is that my HDL (good cholesterol) was one of the highest they had seen...the bad news is that my LDL is still out of range and while the doctor left the decision up to me...I'm starting medication.

7. I crochet better than I knit...something I would like to equalize in the coming year.

8. I'm ready to go back to work...I miss my coworkers and students (and the dogs, of course)

9. I'm having trouble thinking of anything interesting to say.

10. I really should be cleaning house (see #4) than messing around on the computer...just trying to ease my nerves (see #1)

There you have it...the raw truth.  As for looking forward, I don't have any official resolutions for 2010...resolutions tend to get broken, so here are some thoughts about the coming year:

I need to get to England to see my baby.
I want to practice my knitting and crochet more.  Crocheted vest almost done and yarn procured for future projects.
I want to sew my stash down...I have great fabric, but still covet more!
Home improvement projects ahead-paint the kitchen and dining room-new flooring for aforementioned areas and landscaping when the weather warms up.  That's a start for the new year, I'm sure I will come up with alot more ideas, but I don't want to overwhelm myself.  I hope you all have a safe and happy new year's celebration and here's to a wonderful 2010


Shannon said...

I hope all is well with JoJo. Please update and let us know.

julia said...

I hope you have a great 2010 and that a trip to see your daughter is a part of it!!!

Gretchen the Household Deity said...

I hope you get to plan an exciting trip soon! Happy New Year!!!

Ann Made Studio said...

I hope your JoJo feels better soon!

Happy New Year!

Michelle said...

I hope JoJo is feeling better. Good luck on your goals, although I will admit that I crochet better than I knit, too. I think it's because I want those knitting needles to have hooks on the end of them! I am forever yanking them and dropping stitches.

Kat said...

I loved the raw truth and can SO relate. This is a long overdue comment, so I hope as I'm reading up through bloglines that JoJo is doing better.

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