Monday, August 2, 2010

Oregon Jamboree (and my new dress)

Another Jamboree weekend has come and gone...a good time was had by all! I completed one new dress for the event, which turned out to be enough because this year was pretty cold compared to years past.  Of course we were all prepared for the heat with the Tidy Cat mister system Tom rigged up, but we did get it out and use it a little (just because we could!) Here's the dress Burda 7/2010 #113: It was very comfortable to wear when it warmed up and the knit fabric makes it very packable. I may take it to England with me (of course it will probably be a cool Fall)
And now to the concert rundown...
My absolute favorite has to be Blake Shelton! He brought it the whole concert from his duet with Miranda on Michael Buble's "Home" to "Hillbilly Bone", his duet with my man Trace! Of course Trace wasn't there, but Miranda joined him on stage to do Trace's part...Her first entry into the song they dubbed Trace and that was pretty funny because she's an itty-bitty thing.  She was sporting a pretty nice rock from her fiance Blake! No pictures of that though!  Here is a shot of Blake:
Keith Urban was a close that guy can play guitar!
He came back through the crowd to sing to the folks in the non reserve seats...I went back and was super close, but couldn't get a good picture because the man was like a flea on a dog's back...constantly in motion!
Another all time favorite is Neil McCoy.  This is my third time to see him and he always does something different every time.  Except for his closing song "I'm your Biggest Fan"  He can use a little foul language, but that is not a detractor for me (Hey, I hang around with firemen and worked in prison for 10 years! A little swearing doesn't phase me).  He gave Blake and Miranda (who were watching from the wings) a ton of crap and said "You know, singing Michael Buble's song Home really helped Blake's career...maybe if I do a Michael Buble song it will boost mine".  He sang "I Just Haven't Met You Yet" and it was amazing!  He did a lot of different genres, from Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson.  And of course, all the great songs that Neil has...Love that man and I would pay money to see him again!

Of course I had to take some pictures for the guys, so here's Julianne Hough:
And how about that Travis Tritt?
Any Oakridge Boys fans out there?
The show ended with Miranda Lambert. What a cutie! Dig that pink guitar!
All in all it was a fun weekend with friends...can't wait for next year and please Bocephus, if you're reading my humble blog...come play for us at the Oregon Jamboree...I love you man!!!

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Ann Made Studio said...

How awesome.Sounds like it was a fun time.

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