Monday, November 19, 2007


Not really about sewing, but I'm thinking about sewing. I have the coolest nursing job on the planet (well at least as far as I know for now...I have not had every nursing job on the planet). I work for Guide Dogs for the Blind and it is the first and only nursing job I know that allows, even encourages you to bring your dog to work. Jo likes it most days, but now that the days are getting colder, he really would prefer to stay at home in bed!!! We have students who come from all over the United States and Canada to train with their guide dog. First timers come for 28 days, people who have had dogs before can come for 3 or even 2 week courses. Check it out:

Enjoy a video about Guide Dogs
If you know someone who is blind, please tell them about Guide Dogs.


Cara said...

Hi Mary! I came from Carolyn's blog. Jo is very cute, just don't tell my cats that I admired a dog. I don't sew clothes often, but Carolyn inspired me to buy some fabric for pants. That's as far as I got with that!

Linda said...

Sounds like wonderful organization.