Friday, November 23, 2007

Back to Life...Back to Reality...

Good morning...Thanksgiving is over...the dishes have all been washed and put away...Jo and I are back at work...such is life. The holiday was nice...good food...good friends. We missed the kids, but they are coming Saturday, so we will have a good time then. Lots of sewing projects to work on...the hat and scarf for the Guide Dogs Volunteer gift need embroidered...Muu-muus to finish and shirts to embroider. Also need to finish the gifts for the Davis family kids...I make them something every year...I'm sure one year they will say enough already, but I love making stuff for them...I love making stuff period!!! I finished wrapping all the presents for the advent stockings, so those are ready to go December 1st. We also aquired a new boarder yesterday...a very nice black lab that was wandering on the highway. A good samaritan picked him up because she was afraid he would cause an accident or get hurt and brought him to the fire department. Tom called me and of course I took him in. He is very sweet...someone must be missing him. I will call around today and see if anyone has reported him missing. He has wonderful house behaviors and picked up some simple obedience really fast (He heels better than Kodi ever has!) I called him "Buddy", but Tom said last night..."we gotta come up with a better name than that if he stays". I think "Ace of Spades" would be a good name, but hopefully he has a loving family looking for him...the rest of our crew is not so wild about him. Kodi tried to hump him, Fig the cat tried to attack him and Jo has just gone into a power pout. The bird doesn't care. Now on to Christmas...Santa Paws asks..."Have you been naughty or nice?"

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