Monday, November 19, 2007


Here I first blog post. I have been living vicariously for weeks reading other people's sewing blogs and I thought it was about time that I start journaling my own course. I have sewn for many years...started with a treadle machine if that tells you anything!!! I currently own 2 embroidery machines (a Brother ULT2003D and a Babylock EMP6); 2 "regular" sewing machines; a serger with coverstitch and one of the original treadles that started me on this journey. I am currently working on Christmas projects. New advent stockings for my kids, Sara and Bryce. A friend started me on this a couple years ago...she created advent stockings for her kids that contained small gifts for every day in December until Christmas. I started with big felt Christmas stockings from the Dollar Tree, but this year I am making new ones because the Dollar Tree ones were looking pretty ragged last year and frankly, it easier to make new ones than to try and figure out where I stashed them last year! Do you ever do that...put something away thinking you would never forget where it is and then for the life of you, can't find it when you need it? Must be a sign of my impending old age!!! I digress though...the kids loved the advent stockings and make sure that I get the stockings back post Christmas so I can do it again next year. The gifts are practical, silly and inexpensive. I collect things throughout the year and give them things like home made jam and home canned tuna, toys and treats for my grandkitty Lola, christmas ornaments and just fun stuff. I have a surprise gift for Sara, but I can't post it until she opens it, because she might read this...Love ya Honey!!! I'll take a picture for a later post...hehehe!!! Well, I have been playing long enough and must get some work done before I head to work at my real job...more about that stitches...Mary

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