Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mmmmm...Sturgeon for dinner tonight

I am very happy to report that the Deeter family kitchen will be serving up fresh sturgeon for dinner tonight! So tasty for such an ugly fish!!! Yes!!! The drought is over...let the sturgeon school rain down on us. It's been a really long time since Tom has caught a sturgeon. Yesterday's catch was 54" and they also had a few shakers too, so they had some action in the boat. How does this relate to sewing, you may ask? There was another casualty besides the poor sturgeon that is sitting in our refrigerator. The camoflauge fleece jacket that I made for Tom with the digitized by me IAFF logo embroidered on it had an unfortunate incident with the propane heater in the boat. Luckily I stll have plenty of fabric left that I can replace the sleeve that now has a big burn hole in it. I'll get right on it after I fix the Carharts that Tom set on fire while welding. Are we starting to see a trend here...a fireman who keeps setting his clothes on fire??? I can have fun with this!!! Back to sewing...I made a little progress on the Volunteer gift...searching for that design I know I have, but can't remember which folder I put it in (a theme in MY life) Lots of projects to work on...Tom is starting a double tomorrow, so even though I work both days I will be able to eak out alot of sew time. Sometimes I do my best work late at night and you can't fire up the machines when someone is trying to sleep!!!

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