Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year...Back to Life

I haven't posted in a week as I have been a little out of sorts. Dealing with Dad's death and my own feelings of mortality, the family issues and just taking a little time to be with myself. No sewing has gone on, but I did make a big score at JoAnn's on embroidery stabilizer (Thanks Mair for the heads up!) I have a potential job that I need to make up an estimate (possibly do that today) and I have several things cut out that need to be sewn (also today perhaps). I purchased my first copy of Burda World of Fashion (aka BWOF) and am in love!!! I never knew a magazine existed that had patterns included. I really want a subscription for my birthday. My goal is to make at least one item of clothing from each issue, but if the first issue is any indication of the quality of designs, I'm sure there will be many outfits. I would like to make the bulk of my clothes this year. Of course I can't resist thrift shopping and that will be exempt, but everything else...I'm so thankful to those who have highlighted their Burda creations and turned me on to this. Well, guess I better get off the computer and on to the sewing room!

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