Sunday, January 20, 2008

Forward Progress

Despite being a lazy sloth yesterday after work, I accomplished a great deal today in the way of productions sewing. I finished all the embroidery for the Portland Fire order and managed to fussy cut all the bands this afternoon. Tomorrow will be a no sew day as I am working a double, but who knows...I may feel energized when I get home (or NOT). I never can tell when a random burst of energy will wave over me. I try not to do anything too critical late at night, because if it goes bad I might be up all night trying to fix it. Damn perfectionism!!! My hope is to have the hats done Tuesday and then I can work on my stuff!!! Well, I should take the time to swamp out the sewing studio before Baby comes is so boring!!! I get easily distracted when I pick up a pattern or a notion I forgot I had...Focus Mary!!! Also need to get up in the greenhouse, but no need to get too excited til it warms up a bit. That won't be for awhile. Guess I'll keep on sewing.

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