Friday, January 25, 2008

Hats are Done!!!

Yesterday was a great day to sew. I finished the 20 funky Portland Fire hats and embroidered 10 baby bibs. Tom called Michael to let him know the hats are done...he was amazed that I finished them so fast (Sewfast's my name...speedy service is my game!) and said "Oh, would she be interested in making some more?" No specific order was placed (whew!!!) which is fine because I want to work on some of my the green coat, BWOF jammies, the tops I have cut out, not to mention all the other outfits I have swirling around my head!!! I also need to pull together some fabric scraps for the block swap we are starting on sewing schedule is full! Amen. As a parting shot...I took a gander at Valentino's 2008 Spring collection (his last)...some very pretty things to knock off!!!

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