Monday, June 9, 2008

Music Monday

I love mixed CDs. In fact, some of my favorite CDs are collections made for me by my DD Sara. I love them because often times she introduces me to artists I might not otherwise be exposed to, plus she knows my quirky taste. I listened to one of Sara's mixes this morning as I worked on my tutti fruiti skirt that just needs the facing tacked down and a hem to be complete. Valentine is wearing it til tomorrow when I have time to finish it. The weather report looks frightening so sewing and movie watching appear to be the order of the day! One of the groups that Sara introduced me to is Modest Mouse, an indie group out of Issaquah, Washington. I have their CD "Good News for People who love Bad News" Great tune...has a catchy beat and the words are easy to decipher...not like some songs...that's okay, I make up my own lyrics if I can't understand theirs. It amuses me. Other tunes on Mom's mix include NoFX's "Can't play this song on the Radio", President's of the United States song "Kitty" and Greenday's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" version with the Aerosmith segueway...fabulous. On to embroidery news Jamie at Embroidables has came out with a breast cancer survivor Dolly Mama design. She is donating $15.00 from each design purchased towards breast cancer. I purchased mine to make gifts for my survivor friends...if you are unfamiliar with the Dolly Mamas...check them out! I own 3 sets besides the new one I bought today! It's a great cause to support besides being a fun little design.

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