Wednesday, June 4, 2008


We put up a new bird feeder in the back yard a few weeks ago. We hung it on a hanger on the fence and soon it became known as the neverending squirrel diner. Even though I filled ground feeders with actual squirrel feed, the family preferred to camp out on the feeder and empty it daily. This left little time for the birds to feed, so my brilliant Hunny welded up a freestanding feeder pole that could be placed away from the fence and tree. We thought the squirrels had been foiled, but as you can see...when there is a will, there is a way. The squirrels have now decided that the ground feeders are an easier way to dine, but they had to prove that we couldn't outsmart them! As for indoor critters, meet Peaches, my cockatiel on Papa's shoulder. She started screeching when I went outside to fill the feeders, so Papa put her on his shoulder to try and pacify her. I have had her for almost 10 years. She came from a bird rescue with her "friend" Darla, who passed away a few months ago. We called them the lesbian cockatiels. Peaches misses her terribly, but I'm afraid that if I get her another bird, she will die eventually, leaving that bird lonely. It's a vicious circle. Peaches lives in the sewing studio, but I get her out as much as possible. She loves showers and riding my shoulder when I run on the treadmill...she thinks she is flying! No sewing today or tomorrow for that's a baby day...he is watching Shrek right now and is totally engrossed...this is the first time a movie has grabbed his attention like that. It's amazing to see the changes from week to week. Tomorrow we are getting up way before dawn to travel to the coast to dig razor clams. There is an excellent tide and some friends are camping. Digging razor clams is one of my favorite activities (next to sewing), so it should be a good day!

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