Saturday, June 21, 2008


It's a rather dreary Saturday morning here in Oregon...where has my sunshine gone? Hopefully she is just hiding behind the clouds and will smile upon us this afternoon. In sewing news...I finished my embroidery order Thursday night...ready for pickup. I have been working on a Butterick tunic that has needed a lot of tweaking, but should be done soon. My BWOF T-shirt is almost done, but also needs some fits a little looser than I envisioned (an easy fix) so it should be ready by tomorrow...we'll see. Yesterday after work I spent some time in the garden...weeding the strawberries, enjoying the first 2 raspberries to be produced on our canes (they are loaded and this species produces again in the Fall...mmmm). I harvested some more radishes...Tom says they have a little bite to them...I planted 2 types and the longer shaped ones do have a little more zing than the round globes. The broccoli is starting to head...I can almost taste the Sweet Tomatoes broccoli salad already!!! I bought a new camera battery yesterday (the camera died while I was taking Hayden I will have to post some garden pics. I got so engrossed in garden work that after we went for our walk, I was too pooped to focus on anything but the futon in the family room. I had a glorious pre-bed time nap while Pirates of the Caribbean at World's End played on the TV. I worried that my nap would ruin my sleep, but no problem!!! Anyway, the nice weather of late has inspired me to work on recovering the swing (a project that has long been pushed to the back burner, so I think I will work on that this afternoon unless I get a better offer!) Another project I plan to start is sock knitting. Kristi posted this great Guided by Love sock pattern she designed, the proceeds to benefit the Seeing Eye. Although they are not Guide Dogs, my employer, they share the same mission and purpose and I am all for supporting that, so I gladly bought the pattern. I plan to make socks for my Guide Dogs compadres. Now to find the perfect yarn! Almost (but not quite) as fun as fabric shopping!

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angie.a said...

Mary! I can't wait to see your camo version of the tee! I love mine. I worried about the arm size too, but I love how it fits after finished. I think the tighter sleeves, pull the shoulder cutout down where it's supposed to be. Maybe add the extra, then baste the original seam line and see if you need extra?