Saturday, July 12, 2008

Forward Progress

Wow, I logged in and realized that it has almost been a week since I posted! It's been a busy week. Tuesday Tom and I spent most of the day in town. My SIL is buying her first home and she wanted her big brother, the fireman, to do a walk through. She did good! It is a cute house in a good area for her and her daughter and she got the fireman's stamp of approval. Of course there were a few minor things, but nothing that can't be easily fixed. Wednesday morning I was up early to drive into Portland for the annual smashing of the girls. There has been no contact from the radiologist, so I am assuming all is well and my little thumbs up notice will come in the mail soon. I beat feet home after that because my little man was coming for the day. Hayden was teething and not feeling well, but he was good as gold, albeit a little quieter and snugglier than usual. Tom took care of his business and came in to monitor the baby while I finished up some rush embroidery jobs. Thursday I did my run, worked in the garden a bit and cooked a good old fashion German meal of cabbage rolls (made from my first harvested head of cabbage of the season), hot german potato salad and steamed baby beets and greens (also from the garden) Tom left yesterday to put a roof on his Mother's barn, so I have been spending my spare time sewing. Last night I finished the reupholstery of the patio swing. That has been one of those "Make it Work" projects (thanks Tim Gunn, for the motivation). I bought the outdoor fabric for the project a couple of years ago at JoAnns. It was on the clearance shelf and I think they were having a 50% off of that price sale, so it was ridiculously cheap and I bought all they had. I thought I would have plenty. When I deconstructed the cushions I realized that there were 3 layers. The width of the fabric would only accomodate one piece, guessed it...not enough fabric. So we went back to a JoAnns on town day, and they didn't have the exact stuff, but another pattern in the same green color, so I scooped all they had left (which wasn't much) and vowed to make it work since the only pieces I had left to cut went on the bottom of the seats. I also picked up some other fabulous fabric off the clearance racks (another 50% sale...whoo-hoo) I have discovered the secret to buying all the fabric you want. Take your husband to a high end store like Ann Taylor and show him some outfits that are similar to things you have made or are making. Then show him the price tags!!! Tom was pulling bolts off the shelf saying..."this looks like the fabric from that one blouse with the interesting sleeves"...oh yeah, Baby!!! My darling husband doesn't like to shop and so he really isn't in tune with what clothing items cost. We did pick up some shorts and a shirt for him at Penney's (on sale, of course). Anyway, I digress. Some creative piecing pulled the project together and now all that is left is putting the swing back together. I will wait til Tom is back since he took all the hardware off and it will be easier for him. This morning I woke up way early before I had to get ready for work, so I got out of bed and started digitizing the surprise embroidery job I acquired on Thursday. Tom's new shift partner belongs to a Paint Ball group and they wanted their logo on some polos for an event. He asked about it months ago, but didn't get on the stick til now...less than 2 weeks before the event. Sigh!!! I think people think machine embroidery is as easy as scanning a picture into the computer, pushing a button and out comes a perfectly digitized design. I wish it were that easy. I used to use PE Design, but now my software of choice is Embird. I like Embird because it is easier to use (IMHO), I like the batch unzipping and the Iconizer plug-in is awesome. If you have ever spent time opening up files looking for a particular design you know you have, but have filed in some quirky way that makes no sense today...Iconizer is for you! (disclaimer: I do not work for or are affiliated with Embird in any way). I was able to digitize the little paintball guy this morning before work and should be able to complete this project tonight. Then tomorrow I can show the sample to Richard and pending final approval, whip those shirts out. Then I can hopefully concentrate on some new clothes for me!!!!


Music Lovers said...

nice bolg

Kat said...

Wow! I'm so impressed. I'm still getting acquainted with Embird (it's only been almost 2 years now ;) ) and digitizing is still foreign to me.

You sure are right about Iconizer though--I love that plug-in!