Monday, July 14, 2008

Music Monday

As you can see, today's Music Monday is about a band making a comeback...Van Halen. Van Halen has been on my mind for a few days as I have Valerie Bertinelli's book "Losing It..." on hold at the library, and I have been listening to Van Halen a lot lately on the radio. Van Halen went through some changes over the years...David Lee Roth left the band and Sammy Hagar stepped in as the lead singer. I like Sammy Hagar, especially his solo stuff, but to me Van Halen was not the same without David Lee Roth. He went off and did the solo thing for awhile and then was working as a paramedic. I can only imagine being in a medical crisis and having David Lee roll up singing "I'm just a gigolo and everywhere I go, people know the part I'm playing..." I have a twisted mind, I accept that!!! Van Halen's music is edgy and rift with awesome guitar playing. I also think it is uber cool that Wolfie is playing with the family band...might as well JUMP!!! On to sewing news...the concert dress is progressing slowly but surely. I am being very deliberate about the construction and checking things before sewing those seams. Caught myself today almost sewing one of the straps wrong. It's amazing how slowing down can make a project go faster, especially when you can avoid ripping and re-doing!!! The fabric is a pretty orange/red brown print chiffon and I am lining it with some chocolate lining I bought from Trendy Fabrics
They are having a contest for the largest stash. While my stash is big, I have seen some of your pictures, and I don't think mine is the biggest (yet)! Working on it! The skirt will be two layers for a swingy look, at least that's what I have in mind. Will see! Pictures later this week.


LauraM said...

I too have been on a Van Halen kick. Besides seeing Valerie, I had been hearing them more on the radio. All that made me go buy one of their double CD's to add to my music collection! So now you know what I'm listing too. For me brings back those high school years :eek:

Kat said...

Van Halen. That reminds me of "Jump" and being a Senior in high school. Sure brings back lots of memories. And times of sewing without household responsibilities. Oh...those were the days!