Monday, August 31, 2009

New Toys

Somewhere along the line I got the idea I needed one of those fancy vintage automatic buttonholers for my Singer Touchtronic 2001. I was lucky enough to find the correct one for my machine on ebay for a reasonable amount. So I bought it. Then someone was raving about how great a ruffler is (I do have a new Goddaughter who needs pretty ruffly things) so I referred to my manual and found a ruffler on ebay for a decent price...I think I'm going to buy it! I feel like an addict lately and I have been mainlining fabric, patterns and notions like no tomorrow! Guess there are worse vices to have! I think I need an intervention!!!


Kristine said...

You think one of US is going to try to stop you??? No way sister, we are just as bad! I've found that the only person in my life who "intervenes" is my husband!

Sewfast said...

Oh Kristine! You make me laugh! Trouble is, my husband enables me! When that Brother of a boat anchor died, he was right there saying "Buy whatever you want". My daughter was texting her husband during the whole affair and his comment was "That machine better fly for that price!" Air Force Dude!!! :)