Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday

I did my part to stimulate the economy! I was blessed to chat with my darling daughter last night before retiring and again this morning when I arose.  While we were discussing such important topics as Jacob's well developed biceps and renaming the pets (meet Yappy McGraybutt), I was perusing the cyber Monday ads.  I avoided Fabric Mart and some of the other embroidery sites, but Shopper's Rule had a deal that I simply could not resist.  Machine embroidery takes a lot of thread to do detailed designs and while I try to replace colors as I use them, the complete set of Polystar thread I receive for my birthday 3 years ago is starting to dwindle.  Shopper's Rule is an interesting site that has regular email sales and they have a feature where you can make offers on products.  I don't think I have ever taken advantage of that, but I have bought various things over the years.  I bought my favorite duck bill applique scissors for under $6.00 and bought rolls and rolls of H20 gone for making FSL.  Today's sale was just what I'd been watching for...Robison Anton mini-king spool set of 100 for $53.86!!!  This set normally sells for $299.00!!! I jumped right on that! RA is about the best you can buy for embroidery and my machine loves it!!!  I also have some designs I would like to pick up at Urban Threads, but that sale goes on til Christmas, so there is no rush. So what bargains did you all find this weekend?

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