Monday, November 2, 2009

A day without sewing...

Is like a day at work...blech! Make that a double and it's boo! blech!!! But wait...I did manage to sneak some sewing in, even if it is mundane recovering of a wedge pillow with an old sheet that Lily gave me. Our wedge pillow that we have for positioning patients had a sorry excuse for a cover and when I pulled it out of the cupboard I was reminded that I meant to recover it when I had time. Enter double shift and staying on campus all day allowed me to get this done in between doing administrative duties that also get neglected when we are busy with class. Lily was so gracious to give me an old sheet...she had more and I quipped maybe I would whip up a new outfit while I was at it! No new outfit, but I did have to repair Jo's green kitty toy that he decided he needed to eviscerate! He gets pretty bored on double days! We never made it for a walk during our break, so the poor guy was pretty bummed! Such is the life of a working dog! I did get a chance to talk sewing with my lovely daughter this morning. JoAnn's has Simplicity patterns going on sale for a buck, so she picked out her faves for me to pick up for's funny we picked out some of the same patterns...what can I say...the kid has good taste! Actually I learn alot about current trends from her...she helps keep me young! Well the night is almost done and I'm whipped...One more day and my weekend will be here! Yahoo!!!

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