Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting there...

I'm not gravely ill, but I don't feel like dancing a jig either, so today will be low key.  I was really hoping to go catch New Moon, but I don't know if hanging out in a crowded movie theater is in my best interest right now (or the best interest of the other folks going to enjoy the show)  Sara loved it...posting on FB as the movie started and evidently Kaitie spotted license plates from home (Alaska is home for Kaitie), so she was thrilled.  I'm sure it will be showing for awhile, so I can catch it when I am feeling better.  I sewed for a couple hours yesterday and that knocked my socks off, so I ended up back in the recliner.  I watched "Valentino, the Last Emperor" and it was very good.  Quite an eye opener into haute couture.  I found it interesting in the beginning they were talking about all the seamstresses that work for him and that they had one sewing machine, but nobody used it.  All that fabulosity sewn by hand?  Wow!  Of course Project Runway concluded last night.  I was disappointed that Carol Hannah did not win.  I liked her collection best of all, but Irina's did have a common thread.  I thought her collection was too dark and depressing in my humble opinion.  Of course I am not the last word in fashion obviously, so my vote didn't count, but variety makes the world go 'round...well, I think I will try to get the advent boxes out to the kids this morning and maybe sweep the floor if my energy allows.  It's back to work tomorrow, so I need to be well rested!


gwensews said...

Rest, rest and more rest! I am just coming off of a bout of either food poisoning or a stomach virus. Ick! It wiped me out. I'll join you in the recliner.

Feel better soon.

julia said...

Carol Hannah definitely should have won. First of all, in order to work in the fashion world I would think a person should have some niceness about them. Actually, to work in any setting this should be a requirement. After knowing that Irena's dad was against her going into design I understood her drive so she could prove him wrong, but that's not an excuse for her being so mean. I got upset everytime she accused the others of copying her designs.
I thought Carol Hannah's designs throughout the season were the best and most wearable.
Oh well, what do I know, I dress children and not adults.
Hope you get well soon. You've not felt well in a long while.