Monday, November 23, 2009

Hard head

That's what I have...a hard head.  My MIL said we could come for Thanksgiving if I bring her pies, pies, pies and an ironing board.  No really, she did concede that we could come if we didn't bring those things, but they would be welcome.  An ironing board, you question??? Ma emailed me a while back asking me to BOLO for an ironing board as hers had died and she didn't want to buy one of those cheesy new ones that cost a fortune and are flimsy light weight.  We are a bit old school when it comes to boards and I knew what she was wanting.  When Tom remodeled an extra bedroom to my sewing studio, he installed an in-wall ironing unit that I found at a garage sale for a song (and I sang too when I found it!), so I had relegated my much used, much loved ironing board to the garage, just in case I wanted to iron downstairs or something.  So when she asked, I was happy to report that I had the perfect ironing board for her.  Flash forward to today...I decided that a good DIL would make a new cover before taking antique ironing board to MIL.  I pulled it out, set it up and SPROING!!! The pin that held the gizmo that made the board stay upright broke! Oh horrors! So as I am trying to figure out what broke and how to fix it, I got hit in the head by the free falling legs.  Not once...not twice...about half a dozen times before I figured out how to stop getting hit in the head!  (Maybe the first blow made me a little confused...who knows???)  The good news is that I figured it out...with a few items from Tom's shop I MacGyvered the board back to it's fabulous functional form.  Can't have Ma getting whacked in the head, now can we?  Gotta run...dinner to drop off at the firehouse and then it's on to work...TGIF for me!!!

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