Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Looks like We Made it...

Channeling Barry Manilow, you say? No...that title just popped in my head when I woke up this morning and realized I made it through a particularly LONG work week and today is the first day of my weekend! Tom came home from vacay and went back to work a day early, which turned into a 48 for him, so I am extremely excited to spend today with him before he goes back on shift tomorrow and leaves for another brief vacay on Friday. Firemen have the best schedules! Last night while Tom was at the firehouse, I was able to finish my Maggie London dress, save for the hem and sleeve finish. I will coverstitch those later today or tomorrow. Valentine is wearing it now, giving the hem a chance to hang so it will be perfect. This was a lesson in patience. I had hoped to finish it yesterday morning and wear it to work. I was doing fine until the serger tension went a little wonky after going over a bulky seam...Ugh!!! I re-threaded, adjusted and did everything I knew to fix the tension, but to no avail. I get really anxious when one of my babies has a problem, so I left for work with a heavy heart and an uninspired outfit that I threw on at the last minute. It's funny how you forget the basics when you're in a hurry! I did a little research on my break at a Yahoo Babylock serger group I belong to and it was a light bulb moment! I had threaded with the presser foot down! Came home, re-threaded the proper way and guess what? Perfect stitch! Sometimes I just need to head slap myself! So I finished the side seams, tried it on and it's perfect, so I went to bed with a happy heart! The moral of the story...when things don't seem to be going right, step back and gain fresh perspective and the try, try again. Pictures of the Maggie London dress to follow later. Happy Wednesday everyone...I'm off to spend it with my man!

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