Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Okay all you baby boomers...I know that just conjured up the Mamas and the Papas for you...not the ala Mackenzie Phillips, ooh, John Phillips is a perv vibe, but the pleasant folksy song! I apologize...I don't know where that came from...probably staying up too late last night! My Hunny is still on his mini vacay in the sticks, so I have been creating til I can't keep my eyes open! No sewing yesterday, but I did produce something special! Can't elaborate right now, as it's a Christmas surprise! I heart Christmas! There were a few years when I was depressed and...not so much, but it's been pretty darn special for quite some time now! I also made it to JoAnn's yesterday and scored on the Simplicity patterns (yes Punkin, I got quite a few on your list for you!) and only picked up one piece of fabric off the clearance racks. It always gets me when they offer an extra 50% off...I found a lovely burgundy stretch lace that was $1.00 per yard with the discount. I knew I had the perfect match in a knit in the stash to line it for a rocking Tshirt, so it should be showing at a cutting table real soon! Today is a clean the birdcage, pick up the house type day since I find myself with an unusual Monday off. I am working another double tomorrow and then am off again. Almost like a fireman's schedule with the exception that I get to come home and sleep in my own bed! I could get used to this (as long as I was on the same schedule as Tom!!!) Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. Tom took the camera to "shoot" elk, and I suppose I could dig out the old camera if the batteries were still kicking, but nah...think I'll just wait. Well, I'm off to see what the day might bring...hope you all have a pleasant Monday, Monday!

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