Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks for the Well Wishes

I woke up feeling better today, but still plan to take it easy.  There is a Project Runway marathon leading up to the finale tonight, so that will be my background for a little sewing and if I start to fade I can retreat back to the recliner and enjoy.  I hope to go catch New Moon tomorrow if I am back up to speed.  Tom was like "I thought we were going to go together???", but our schedules don't jive until sometime next week.  He finally conceded that I probably would want to see it again, so it would be okay if I went tomorrow.  Like I needed permission!!!  Too funny!!! I'm off to the studio to get some work done...more later!

1 comment:

julia said...

I never go to movies because my husband won't go. I need to start going by myself or with my friends. I'm glad you are feeling better.