Sunday, November 1, 2009

Whoever took my Mojo...I want it back!!!

A lazy Sunday morning...that's the holdover from a lazy Saturday night. I don't know what has zapped my energy...I'm not sick, but I just feel exhausted. I made it through work and stopped at the store to get milk for my Hunny who is coming home today! Popped into the library to return some items due this week and pick up a reserve I had waiting for me. Took the detour route home because Broadway was closed for Trick or Treating. Fed all the animals, heated up a bowl of soup for me and then parked in the recliner with a book and the World Series to watch. I drifted in and out of conciousness until I decided I'd better move it on up to bed so I didn't have a backache in the morning. Maybe if I do a little exercise my blood will get pumping and I'll feel like doing something! I hope so...a little over 4 hours I have to report to work!


Sher said...

sounds like you need a good nights rest ;) Hope you're back to yourself soon.

Linda said...

Seasonal change causes me to feel so tired as soon as the sun goes down. With DST now over for a few months, it is already dark at 5:30. I feel like it is now bedtime!

Sewfast said...

That may be's been so gray here...the exercise did perk me up a bit...I think I can, I think I can!!!