Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working Like a Dog!!!

This morning Tom and I had an unexpected date.  We stayed up late last night after I got home from work and watched SNL. This is highly unusual for a couple of old farts like us, but Tom was off today and I didn't need to go to work till after noon, so we just went with it. We were able to sleep in a little late.  Of course, SOMEONE had to go to the bathroom at the usual time because they get all freaky if anything is different in their little world, even though they did get a potty break when we got ready for bed!  I was able to go back to bed for an hour or so before the rest of the herd became restless!  Then it was coffee and the Sunday paper, where Tom discovered that Best Buy had a super buy on TomTom navigation systems and a slim Kodak digital camera that I have been wanting before our trip to Vegas. So we headed to Gresham for breakfast at the Wildwood Cafe (mmm...huckleberry pancakes!) and then to Best Buy.  We got the last camera (sorry whoever came later) and the sales guy was really impressed at the price of the TomTom (so was Tom!).  So we both got our Christmas present early and no need to go out shopping on Black Friday!  I have to work days on Friday anyway and Annie, Trav and the kids are coming to spend the weekend, so who wants to shop??? (or work for that matter?)  Anyway, I brought my camera to work and am really working like a dog!!!  Here's Avis, my boss' dog with a little help from my friend Krystin to pose her.  She likes her butt scratched (Avis...not Krystin in case you're confused!) and so it's hard to get her picture.  

Here's the real boss of the office...Jo likes to think he's in charge and he usually is. He's got everyone trained to meet his every need.  He looks all sweet and innocent but he takes all the bones away from poor Avis and when Jo arrives in the office this is where Avis retreats:


angie.a said...

haha!! My little pom likes his butt scratched too. LOVE the doggie pictures! And I hope you feel better soon and can go see New Moon! We almost didn't get seats, it was sold out all weekend, and even the Sunday 4 pm show was packed.

laura said...

The only time I'm glad I don't have a dog is when I want to sleep in. That's when having a cat works for me. Your pooch is adorable!

Kat said...

Very cute. We're still getting adjusted to kittenhood again. It can be tiring.