Thursday, March 12, 2009

No Camera :(

It's a real pain not to have a camera at the ready. I see the latest trend is dog noses for dogs on Thursday, so there will be no dog noses til I get to Freddies and get a new battery. Yesterday I made a couple of the Buttercup Bags. They turned out really cute, but it is a little small for all the stuff I carry. Just putting my wallet in there was too much to close the snap, so I think I will give them to Kaylee for her and Barbie. Speaking of the Barbie project, hopefully the Hannah Montana and Camp Rock fabric will come today so I can get going on that. I have been impatiently waiting for some books I ordered a few weeks ago from MyCraftivityShop (No link because I'm rather annoyed with them). I emailed their customer service after it had been a long time and I had not received any confirmation of my order...No Response. I waited a week and then emailed again...No Response. Yesterday after a disappointing trip to the Post Office I decided to call and talk to a person to find out what's going on. They didn't even process my order until a week later and of course it is coming media mail, so that means a little longer wait. I don't mind the media mail because I understand that in this tough economy people have to watch their bottom line...but wait a minute...didn't I pay for shipping and handling??? I do mind poor customer service and probably will not order anything from them again. Good customer service is what's really going to keep a business going. And that's my business tip for the day! Tom and I are still feeling a little under the weather, so it will probably be a movie day for us. I need to feel better so I can go to work tomorrow...nobody wants a sick nurse!


gwensews said...

The "Buttercup" would make a nice evening bag. Hummmm-

Get feeling better.

stacysews said...

I hope you feel better soon!

I'm excited to hear you made the Buttercup bag - I can't wait to see pictures.... I really want to try this pattern sometime!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.