Monday, April 7, 2008

Music Monday and Lola, my Grandkitty

First is a picture of Lola, my grandkitty. The kids adopted her from a rescue organization and she has come a long way since then. She was pimped out at an early age and had a batch of kittens before she was rescued and spayed. She was a real fraidy cat when the kids brought her home and she can still skitter into hiding when someone comes to visit, but she loves her parents. Sara made her a new pad to lay on (one of yesterday's sewing projects) I will discuss what we learned on sewing Sunday at a later date because today is Music Monday!!! Yay!!! I was reminded of that when I was reading Tearsa's blog earlier and saw her picture "under my umbrella" all know the rest of the song, don't you? If you don't, you really should pick up Rihanna's CD "Good girl gone Bad" because it is a great listen. I have been rocking it in the car, in my sewing studio and on my ipod on the treadmill for a while now and I adore her music. I love the tune "Shut up and Drive" (Remember the post "Shut up and Sew"...guess where I knocked off that idea!!!). Also "Please don't stop the Music" brings back the rhythm of Michael Jackson...not that I am a fan of all the trouble he has had over the years, but I do like his music. So there you have it...Music Monday! I will post more about what's been stitching in the studio and What Not to Do with a serger when I have more time. Until then...keep on rockin!

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Coach Sara said...

What a gorgeous, gorgeous cat! You sure are lucky to have such a beautiful grandkitty!!! :)