Monday, April 28, 2008

Music Monday

This is a little change from my last installment of Music Monday. Michael Buble is nothing like Gene Simmons. Well, he is a man...they have that in common, but their music...not so much. If you are unfamiliar with Michael, his style leans more to the big band or jazz genre, but he crosses over into the popular segment. His ballad "Home" makes me cry every time I here it. Blake Shelton has covered it (or maybe they both did it at the same time...doesn't's a great song) and while I love Blake Shelton, I prefer Michael Buble's version. He reminds me of Jack Jones. My Mom had several Jack Jones albums that we listened to a lot while I was growing up. I love those old songs. No sewing today...but look out's gonna rain and I have the house to myself...time to get some projects finished!

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