Saturday, November 8, 2008

An Officer and a Gentleman

This post is to honor my brilliant son-in-law who was sworn into the USAF recently. With his degree and all the other good things he has going for him he may be able to become an officer within a year. We are so proud of him. We took the kids out to dinner last night at Sweet Tomatoes (I had a coupon) I always have Sweet Tomatoes coupons in my purse. You never know when an opportunity to visit may arise. We also went to check out the new Trader Joe's that is within striking distance now. I love Trader Joe's! We got the most amazing mandarin orange chicken there (mmm, dinner tonight) and their fresh basil can't be topped (unless it is fresh out of the garden). Their dried cranberries beat the socks off of Ocean Spray (Sorry OS, I know you grow in my beloved Oregon, but TJ's taste better) As for sewing news, I finished the dress the other day down to the hem and decided to whip up the seams on the fleece jacket so I could spare changing back and forth between serging and coverstitch. Stitched up the back seam...doing well. Stitched up the front princess seams and WTH!!! There were big old flaws in the fleece that I obviously overlooked when cutting out. Unfortunately I did not have more fabric to replace those pieces. It was some fabric that was given to me, so it wasn't like I had bought bad fabric, but just confirms the fact that I need to wear my glasses...ALL THE TIME! Actually I have an eye appointment scheduled as I probably need a new Rx and the cataracts need checked. Dang, it's hard to grow old!


Kat said...

That is great about your SIL! What is Sweet Tomatoes? Is that a chain restaurant? I have never been in a Trader Joes either. The Poconos just got two Starbucks last year, and now one is closing due to the economic situation in January. We finally got a Kohl's, Chili's, Red Robin and a couple of other dept. stores/food chains within the last two years. We're so behind the times.

Now you have made me happy that I have a coverstitch on layaway. I don't even like switching things around on my serger to go from a regular serger stitch to a rolled hem. Now I'm thinking, I might have to do that anyway going from a coverstitch to a chain stitch so what do I know...???

Sewfast said...

Sweet Tomatoes is a chain restaurant up here that is a big ol' salad bar, great soups and pasta dishes, baked potatoes, and desserts...there are 3 or 4 Trader Joe's in the Portland area, but they were primarily on the west side...evidently us redneck folk on the East side didn't fit their demographics (just kidding folks!) I'm responsible for your coverstitch on layaway? Sweet!!! What can I put on layaway and tell DH "Kat made me do it!"? :) I thought about getting an Imagine and a Coverstitch machine when I got the Evolve, but space was a consideration. What brand of coverstitch machine are you getting? That is so exciting! Good for you! M