Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Babies...

I am such a sucker! I know where I got it. My Mother was a sucker too! She taught me to love all animals and to take them in when they need a home. My friend called this morning to talk to me about these 2 cockatiels that she aquired yesterday when another mutual friend's sister passed away. I could tell that she was not digging the whole seeds being thrown out of the cage routine, which anyone who has had birds can testify...they are messy creatures. So when she asked me to take them, I stalled by saying I had to check with Tom. Fair enough, I check in with him before bringing in any living creatures, otherwise I would become my Mother...enough said. I figured he would say "Really...we don't need any more animals!" To my surprise he thought it would be a good idea since Peaches has been so lonely since Darla died. So off I ran to pick up the newest addition to the menagerie. Their names are Theo and Angel and they are both yellow Pied cockatiels. Peaches was so happy to meet them. I have their cages side by side in the family room and everyone seems pretty happy, so I think it will be a good thing. I will take some pictures in a few days when they are more settled. It's been a rough week for them. Moving Peaches out of the sewing studio means I have more room for sewing and craft stuff!!! Whoo-Hoo! yeah, right!!!

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