Monday, November 3, 2008

Bird Report

The new babes are settling in fine. They still are not eagerly jumping on my finger, but birds are cautious by nature anyway and they are just learning to trust their new environment. Theo gladly helped me eat my toast this morning. I had Peaches on my shoulder as I checked on my blogs and she trailed my arm over to the new birds' cage and sat on top of it for awhile. Angel climbed up to be near Peaches, so I think they will be great friends soon. They did some harmonizing today and the new birds were mimicking my whistle. I also spent some time on my outside (wild) birds. Tom found some old feeders in the storage shed that I had at my Lakeside house, so I cleaned those up to put out with the others. Three squirrels dominated the feeders for a little over an hour before I chased their bushy little tails out so the birds could have some time. The bluejays were hilarious. I set some peanuts out for them and it didn't take them long to cart that booty away! No sewing yet today (yet being the operative word), but I did do some ironing (Blah!!!) Anyway, my final word for this election eve...VOTE!!!

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