Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's projects

No sewing(yet)today, unless you count changing the thread and needles on the Evolve to start sewing the red corduroy print jumper as sewing. Maybe I will have a late night sewfest if I feel like it after work, maybe not. I have been busy today thought in the crafty sense. I made 5 bracelets for gifts for co-workers. I really enjoy jewelry making, even though stringing the beads is difficult if the light isn't right. Hopefully after the cataract is removed and a new lens is implanted this won't be an issue. I also whipped up a batch of squirrel chow. We had been buying the ready made mix, which is really quite expensive and those squirrels are gluttonous! I bought a 50 pound bag of whole corn, 10 pounds of sunflower seeds and 2 pounds of peanuts. Mix together and serve. The cost breakdown figures out to 39 cents per pound, vs. $1.00 a pound for the pre-made. This should keep them going for awhile. The bluejays and chipmunks enjoy the whole corn feed too. I love my critters (but I'm not ever going to feed the crows Mom!) I finished knitting my wool scarf and need to felt it. I'm in the mood for something quick and easy to sew up. December Burda will be here soon...maybe something in there will inspire.

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