Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rainy Days and Thursdays...

Always bring me up...okay, so I did a poorly written knock off from the Carpenters' song. I was sitting here thinking about my day and all the possibilities. Tom is on duty today, so he won't be returning until tomorrow. It is my "Sunday" in regards to my work week and with the exception of the big mound of laundry I have sorted out to wash, my day is pretty much mine! Who cares if it is raining? It's cozy and warm in the sewing studio! I have a knit dress almost finished and a fleece jacket that has been cut out for months waiting to be stitched up. I think it is time to put some effort into the green coat as well, since I cut the new lining out for that about a month ago. Does anyone else have that problem? You cut something out and then lose interest? I get blinded by new fabrics coming in and want to sew them up quick, so they go to the head of the queue. I have some fabric right now that is mocking me. Trendy Fabrics had a good sale last week and I got some killer stuff. Since the reorg, all my fabric is fitting in the closet, so if I keep to that standard, I can buy fabric when something comes out of the closet, right??? Fashionista logic!!! In other news, I read that the Spring PR weekend is going to be here in Portland!!! I am sew excited! I definitely plan on getting the weekend off so I can participate in that. I was really excited when I read Deepika was planning a get together in Seattle, especially when I saw it was not on a weekend. I got really jazzed when I realized it was a week we didn't have students, but then my hopes were dashed when I realized I had made medical appointments that day that I couldn't reschedule. Life is a roller coaster, isn't it! Well, off to enjoy the day. I hope you all have a great day too!


kasizzle said...

I get so much done around the house when it's raining, especially if I'm home alone.

Kat said...

Mary, I can so relate! My current plans are to cut a coat lining for my coat that has been on the end of my couch since March. I have great plans for the coat and am excited about wearing it, but I have to sew it up first, huh.

You will LOVE PR Weekend! Go, girl! I just loved PR Weekend NYC and was bummed it was just a shopping day this year and couldn't go. It was always in November and that's a much better time for me. But...had I gone and spent the money, I wouldn't have purchased a Coverstitch money :) . So everything works out in the end.

I was just wondering yesterday where I'm going to put it. Right now, all three machines--sewing, embroidery, and serger are on my kitchen table hogging up three spaces. Hopefully on Monday they'll be moved back to the sewing room so we can have our eating space back. At this point, I was laughing thinking about the fourth machine. I can hear it now, "Mom! Why do you need 4 machines!?!?"

Rain days are good, but those snow days! Unless we lose power, those days are great for sewing :) .