Saturday, November 1, 2008

Daylight's Savings Time

Whoo-hoo! Love the "Fall back" version of this little conspiracy. I love getting an extra hour to sleep, sew, whatever I want to do. Not so happy when March rolls around and they take my hour back, but for now, I will revel in the moment because who knows how long we have on this earth? I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I was treated with a visit from one of my favorite little monkeys and he brought his new friend Wyatt, who I had not seen since his recent birth. That is the great thing about having young friends...they have kids and I get to be a surrogate aunty/grandma type. Hayden was in rare form (probably jacked up from the candy!) and kept his parents running. He knows where all the fun stuff is in our house, so he was making the rounds. Wyatt is adorable...lots of dark hair just like his Daddy. I didn't do too much in the sewing room yesterday after work. I did a scan of my vintage patterns for options for Lisa's wedding dress that we are going to start planning this afternoon. I made some repairs on a vintage Cabbage Patch Doll I picked up the other day at the thrift store for 50 cents. I picked up the nicest girl and boy dolls in the bin. I probably could have bought more, but a boy and a girl for my toybox is plenty. No need to be greedy. In other news, my friend Charmaine purchased her first embroidery machine...a Viking Designer SE. I am sew excited for her (she is the one with the first grandbaby on the way)! Now I have an embroidery buddy who lives close. She took her first class yesterday. I remember when I got my first embroidery machine...I had been sewing since I was like 7 and I had such problems in the beginning with it...I thought I was retarded! Definitely there were some lessons to be learned, but after five years I feel pretty comfortable with machine embroidery. Can't wait to see what Charmaine makes! My hunny will be home either tonight or tomorrow for sure. Elk hunting has not been good this year...good thing the freezer is still full of good stuff to eat. We are always pretty well prepared in the food department...I think we could eat for sometime without going to the store (except for fresh things like milk...can't live without the cow juice) I do have powdered milk, but I'm sure Tom would revolt if I tried to serve that up! It works just fine in baked goods, etc... Enough rambling about powdered milk! I am holding my breath for the elections to be over. Our Son-in-Law enlisted in the Air Force and we are so proud of him, but I am waiting to exhale pending the outcome of the election. I fear what will happen in Iraq if McCain gets elected. Go Barack!!!


Kat said...

Mary, Thanks for the posting about Fall back. Yours was the last blog post I read last night, and if it wasn't for your post, I would have been an hour early for church! No thank you!!! I NEED the extra hour of sleep.

I went in at "11:00 p.m." last night and asked, "Honey, did you set the clocks back?" He laughed and told me he didn't--totally forgot.

Maryissewfast said...

Glad I could be of service...I typically forget too, but Scott had posted a notice in the kitchen for the dorm staff, so I thought I should pass it on! M:)