Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Squirrel Wars

Just taking a little lunch break out of my delightfully ME day and thought I would document the morning's entertainment, so I can reread this one day and laugh my @$$ off. I spent the morning in the dining room cutting out Christmas presents (which I am dying to blog about, but somebody might read this and figure out what they are getting. (and No,Punkin...this ain't about no secret snakes!) The dining room has big picture windows so I can watch the critters partake of the daily offering I leave them. The morning started with one squirrel, then two squirrels and so on until there were five of those little rodents swinging from the branches. We have a tall fence along the back and these two crazy squirrels faced off, ran straight at each other and wrestled until one got thrown off the fence. It was better than wrestling on TV...I'm telling you!!! This went on for some time until the cat decided he wanted to go out. It's all fun and games 'til the big fat cat arrives on scene. Not that he could win. You know, it might be kind of entertaining to watch Figaro square off with a squirrel. Wonder who would get launched off the fence? Enough silliness...to the bat cave to sew!!!

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