Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday Shopping Anyone???

Not for this girl! I have to work, but even so, nothing in the ads could entice me out on a cold morning (or night...the news reported people started camping out Wednesday night!)...crazy! I'll wait for "Cyber Monday" when I can shop in the comfort of my pajamas! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mary


Sharon Sews said...

No! My daughter wanted to do it this year and I I was so grateful that one of my sisters offered to go with her. Whew! There is nothing I need badly enough to get out there among all those crowds.

stacysews said...

My mom and I make it a 'tradition' to go out on the day after Thanksgiving and go shopping. It's pretty low pressure because there's rarely anything we really want\need each year - so we have a good time. I did get a few good deals (my mom was even able to get a laptop, go figure!) and we were done before 9!

Kat said...

Ah...There were no lines and crowded parking lots at my local fabric store :) . 40% off fabric and I purchased $93 worth of fabric. Not too shabby, and I'm doing my best at supporting our businesses :) .