Sunday, October 17, 2010

Buyer's Remorse

Or more aptly, buyer's disgust! Those blouses I bought at the Rack yesterday had to go back.  I had picked them up on my lunch break and thought...white blouses in my size...looks good...lay the money down, get out, move on... When I got home last night I tried them on.  MAJOR yuk!!! The first one fit okay throught the bodice, but the shoulders and collar were about 6 inches too high. The top of the collar hit me midway up my head! What??? I thought, well certainly they both can't be bad. WRONG! The other one had the collar down where it should be, but those cute little ruffles didn't look so cute on! So back to the rack they went this morning and I will chalk it up to a lesson learned. I guess we are spoiled as sewists. We strive for perfection in fit and don't settle for "good enough" (although neither blouse qualified for that description).  I was able to get some sewing and embroidery done today. Here is my afternoon in pictures:


Irene said...

Doesn't it feel good to know, though, that you can make whatever you want with the right fit, not needing to resort to RTW?

Sewfast said...

Absolutely Irene! I started sewing as a tall girl because I never could find pants long enough in the 60s! OOPS, just dated myself! :)

gMarie said...

Well your weekend looked quite productive. I managed to rip the carpet up from where the dogs sleep - with help.

Then I put the studio back together and got a ton of little sock dumplin' bags finished.

I really want to make skirts but something's pulling me to try a new pattern - really? Maybe.

Oh - I owe you an email. Opps! g

Sara said...

I like the pictures behind The Chief :)

Sewfast said...

I like the pictures too! :)

Channon said...

Oh look! I have a pattern weight like that, in the cute little dog version. I guess she's the knitter's edition?

Thanks for stopping by my contest!