Saturday, October 16, 2010

Taking Care of Business...

Okay, who shouted out "Everyday!"??? You know who you are, you closet BTO fans! Seriously though, I haven't posted in awhile as I have been a busy girl.  Not all of it has been sewing, but in a roundabout way it always comes back to sewing.  I have been having a great response to the patterns I listed on ebay, at least all the Daisy Kingdom patterns.  I tried a few vintage numbers that are not seeing as much action.  I may need to change my strategy where that's concerned.  I did a major cleanout of the guest room closet and had an epiphany. It's only my husband and me living in the house.  We rarely have guests stay for more than a weekend.  Our closet is crammed between the two of us.  Why not take advantage and give my clothes some room to breathe? So that's what I've done and I can now see what I have to wear. They no longer need to be re-ironed because they've been crammed in a space that is too small! Tom actually has more room for his clothes, which surprisingly enough, he has quite a few. Who knew? While we're speaking of clothes, I must admit I bought some RTW today (Oh, the horrors!) We were downtown today and I took my lunch at the Rack and Borders.  I found two white blouses in the clearance with delightful ruffles.  They were 75% off and I snagged both of them for under $15.00.  What's not to like?  The one blouse had 3" squares tacked on to make a fluttery ruffle effect that I would like to copy. It was all for research, I cried, RESEARCH!!! :) Anyway, I did purchase David Coffin's book on making trousers, which I am finding quite fascinating.  I would like to up my game where pants are concerned and I like David's style.  May have to scare up the shirt book next! Yesterday the weather surprised us and was unseasonably warm. Neither one of us felt like working outside, which is what we needed to be doing, but we decided we would tackle one project and them we could both work on something we really wanted to spend our time at (Tom working on his sewing of course) We decided to clean up the garden beds to prepare them for winter and trim up the raspberries.  It truly turned out to be an enjoyable time, and we not only did those tasks, hauling all the weeds to the burn pile with the Polaris, Tom drug the driveway with the tractor and I divided up the rhubarb in the upper beds before heading in to make lunch.  For not wanting to work outside, we got four hours in quite painlessly.  Sometimes you just have to get started...we ate lunch and messed with the stupid printer (thank you Honey for fixing it!) and even managed a nap before grocery shopping! After dinner Tom went out to the man cave to adjust the new trigger on his .270 and I went upstairs to finish an embroidery job.  I'll leave you with a picture of my last job:

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