Friday, October 29, 2010

Santa's Workshop

I love this time of year because thoughts turn to Christmas and giving.  I have been working on the advent stockings for the kids and this year is extra special because I have another one to fill for Colt.  Not that he will be able to open his presents this year, but it should be fun for Mom and Dad. I finished up his stocking this afternoon, keeping with the Rudolph theme because Grandma loves Rudolph!
I made some other gifts for the kids that I will show later...Santa's elves have been busy!


Linda L said...

That's so cute!

Julia said...

You are ahead of the game, and I'm soooooo far behind. Really cute stocking!

gMarie said...

That is stinking adorable. Tell us more about the advent stocking. I don't quite get the concept. g