Thursday, October 7, 2010

What $3.00 Can Buy

I've seen several posts lately about recent thrift store finds. Yesterday was an extremely good thrift day for me, so I thought I would show you what $3.00 can buy on a good day!
A lavender L.L. Bean cardigan sweater and a heather blue hand knit sweater.

A Bandolino shirred top (looks better on a body than on the hanger) and an Eddie Bauer jacket that looks like camo at first glance, but actually is a beautiful floral print.

2 pairs of pants, 2 embroidered Merino 3/4 sleeve Tees (with the tags still on) and a Columbia 3/4 sleeve Tee

And lastly a baby blue eyelet skirt that needs to be refashioned, but will probably be put on the backburner until Spring when it will be more appropriate.  All of this cost me a total of $3.00! The thrift store I went to sells bags of clothing for $3.00. My bag was not totally stuffed when I went to the counter and the clerk said "You can pick up a few more items if you want", so round 2 around the store netted the hand knit sweater, the Lee Khakis and the skirt to refashion.  I love thrift shopping almost as much as I enjoy sewing!

Now off to finish bailing out the dead washing machine so it can be removed.  Tom will install the new set tomorrow or Saturday and then I will be playing catch up with the laundry! Good times!


Rachel said...

Those are really nice. I wish there was a decent thrift store near me, but I live in a small town that doesn't even have a movie theater :(

Kathy said...

WOW!! Great exciting is that??