Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My heart is full...

I just received word that I have been nominated for a blog excellence award! Kat of Phat Chick Designs nominated me. I feel truly blessed by the friends I have made in the blogging community. What started as a curiosity about what other like-minded souls were doing and an outlet for the crazy notions rambling around in my head, has become a community of people that I genuinely care about what is so in their lives. I think the comradery helps to know that we are not alone in our struggles with life and that darn lining that won't lie straight!
6 Qualities/Values that I find most important are:
1. Integrity-At the end of the day would you be proud to tell your Mama what you did?
2. Humor-Laughter is the best medicine
3. Kindness-WWJD?
4. Tolerance-Everyone is unique...lets appreciate our differences instead of condemning them
5. Respect-Refer to #4
6. Charity-You can always find someone who has it worst than you. It feels good to help

6 Negatives that I would condemn
1. Dishonesty
2. Cruelty to people and animals
3. Intolerance
4. Selfishness
5. Laziness
6. Chronic Whiners and Complainers (not the normal venting that we all do, but the people who can never find the blessing in the reality)

Now to nominate other great people who inspire me...
Amy, Lisa, Little Miss, Stacy, Cindy, and Barb
There are many more who should be honored and many that already have. Thank you all for sharing your lives with me.


Lisa Laree said...

Oh, Mary, I'm honored that you chose me for the award! Actually, I just got it last week, I've already posted my lists. (It's so hard to spot those things; I think three of the people in my list had already been awarded it, too...and I thought I looked!) But I appreciate your support and encouragement more than I can say. Thank you!!

Kat said...

It is good when the heart is full :) . And I've had a lining that wouldn't lie straight too.

Camaraderie is good for the soul!

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