Friday, October 10, 2008

Sewing Report

Yesterday was a good day. I did not sew all day as planned, but I got word that the new baby we are expecting in our posse is a girl (don't you like the sound of we? I'm sure Janis wishes "we" would share some of the load!). So Freddies advertised all their clearance apparel is 70% off the lowest price. What's a wannabe Grandma to do but go shopping?!! I picked up seven cute Carter's onesies for $2.00 and the cutest little sleeper that says "Baby's First St. Patrick's Day" with "Kiss Me" and "I'm Irish" on the feet. Peyton Marie is coming in February, so that should be perfect. I also picked up a nice layette set, another sleeper and a couple of dresses. Even with all of that, I came in under $20.00! God bless Fred Meyers. I thought about doing the cut the onesie and add a skirt thing, but on second thought I decided to dig out my baby patterns and make ooordinating little sweat suits and skirts she can mix and match. I just love making baby stuff. Doesn't take much fabric and sews up fast. I had to laugh when one of the guys at the fire station announced they were expecting and I overheard our friend Anthony tell him "you have to let Mary know because she will make you the most amazing stuff". I really had fun with their first two boys...the first nursery theme was of course Fire Man...very easy for me...I have a kajillion fire embroidery designs. The second son's nursery was based on Anthony's other I went crazy over that too. Then he got hired at Seattle Fire and we don't see them much, so son #3 didn't get much. Anyway, back to Peyton...little girls are fun to dress so unless somebody stops me, I'm going to enjoy myself! As for sewing, I finished my Patrones skirt last night and am pleased with the results (sorry no photographer is out looking for the hairy horned one and won't return til next week). I plan to stitch the Burda top tonight because it will look great with the skirt and maybe I will even get the jacket done. I planned to line the skirt, but when I got the lining in it just didn't feel right, so I ripped it out and went with the facings, which was part of the original pattern. I am amazed that I got a skirt and jacket out of the 2 yards of fabric that I got from Fabric Mart. I had ordered 4 yards, but someone else had already cut off 2 for another customer, so I figured I could at least get a skirt or a jacket, but not both. The jacket of course is a short sleeve version, but I think it will be nice. More of a Spring outfit, but with the right blouse or sweater I can get away with Fall. I also purchased some fabric at the Goodwill yesterday. I love getting a big bag o' fabric for 2 or 3 bucks. They had some bags of woolens marked $29.99. I don't see that flying off the shelves, but I could be wrong. I'll wait til the right color tag comes up and get it for 50% off. Hey, it's tough economic times!!! Which is why I need to stay away from JoAnn's Columbus day sale (but I probably won't) The urge to buy fabric is growing!!!

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Kat said...

Congratulations! I always loved sewing for little girls. There's that long period of time where they love what you make, then when the teenage years are sight, they either hop on the sewing bandwagon themselves, occasionally like what you make, or turn into a RTW snob LOL. I have two of the latter, one of each.

Mmmm! Sounds like you got some great deals and click away with that camera when your DH gets home.

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