Monday, October 20, 2008

Report Card

Yesterday was quite a productive day on the sewing front. Actually I did much more cutting than sewing, but it all has to be cut out before it can be sewn together. I cut out 3 dresses and a skirt before my hand starting throbbing. I have some arthritis that sometimes flares with a lot of handwork. It may slow me down but it doesn't stop production. I pretty much completed construction on one dress...everything but the facings and hems. It is a retro pattern that I received from Pattern Rescue last month...a sleeveless shift dress that also can be worn as a jumper. The fabric is a brightly flowered stretch twill with pink and white flowers on a black background...very mod 60's. I'm thinking black tights, turtleneck and boots will make a nice outfit. We'll see if it is a fashion do or fashion don't. Nonetheless it will be a nice summer dress when the sun rolls around again. Maybe I am trying to hang onto summer! I also whacked on the wedding dress pillow project. I removed all the lace overlays and tore apart the skirt layers. The dress smells kind of funny (no wonder daughter didn't want to wear it) so I washed a sample piece of the silk this morning. Since it seemed to do alright with handwashing, I washed a piece of the fabric (reserving the remainder should something weird happen) and it is hanging to dry. I have a plan on how to proceed. I need to peruse my embroidery designs to find the perfect heirloom design to go with the lace. I also plan to make some rosettes from the sheer ruffles. I have to work tomorrow, so my sewing time will be limited, but Wednesday may be a possibility. Don't know how long (or if) I will be babysitting, so the rest of the day can be spent in the studio. I also had a bright idea to make another Halloween costume for Jo. I know the devil costume is done, but I'm thinking about a tool belt and hard hat for Jo the plumber. I might even make him an Obama button too. I think there was a freebie design over on I know, pretty crazy to spend so much time outfitting the dog. I need grandkids...I'm telling ya!!!

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Kat said...

Cutting is one of those necessary activities to get from point A to point B. I don't really care for it though, but getting a lot of it done in one day is good.

Hope your hand feels better today!

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