Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sew, Baby, Sew!!!

Not Drill, Baby, Drill!!! Sorry, I know I said I wouldn't make this a political commentary. But while I'm on the subject, doesn't it gall you when you get an unsolicited call and the person just assumes you believe the same way they do? I am so tired of being interupted mid seam to answer the phone just to have it be a vote for so and so call. I like to mess with them a bit...make it worth their while before I tell them to stop calling me. The Do Not Call list thing hasn't been working lately, so I guess we need to do that again. Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled programming...sewing! I finished BWOF 10/08 Top #114 last night and am wearing it today. Sorry no pictures yet...Jo doesn't have opposable thumbs, so it is difficult for him to be my photographer. Sara is coming this afternoon, so if she is not in a big fat hurry to go thrift shopping, I will have her take a pic. Meanwhile enjoy Allison's review as she tried out the top too as a muslin for the dress (Smart Girl!) As with most BWOF designs, the top was a little low cut for everyday wear so I sewed a 2" seam up the upper bodice. I did attach the tab at the seam line where the top and bottom join, but the pattern is so busy I probably didn't need to. I think a nice brooch or other focal point would be nice there. I'm not a big dolman sleeve fan, but these seem to work okay and are not too sloppy. It definitely is comfortable. The only real adjustment I did was add a little allowance at the bottom of the sleeves so that they fit my forearm, but aren't tight like encasing a sausage. I did not get any work done on the jacket last night because I had to work overtime yesterday (yay! good for the Deeter family economy) It should be an easy project to whip out...I am starting to see the cutting table again, so it's time to cut out some more things. Maybe will make that a baby clothes cut-a-rama!!!


Christina said...

Oh I'd like to see a pic of your top. I just bought some fabric to make the dress version!

Paula, the quilter said...

The Do Not Call list is only good against telemarketers. Political and charitable organizations are not covered by it. Sorry. I have turned the ringer off on my landline phone. It helps.

Kat said...

Yes, I'm in no mood for unsolicited calls. Yesterday a rep from my college alma mater called (I know it was to solicit funds), and I was so tired I said I wasn't home LOL. On the phone I sound very similar to my 16-year old daughter (even my mom can't tell most of the time) so they probably thought I was a dimwit teen with my answers of "No, I don't know when she'll be home...not sure what a good time will be today..." etc.