Friday, April 17, 2009


There's not a lot of sewing going on here, so I did a little sneak peak of the upcoming BWOF to get my creative juices going. I must say I found alot of interesting garments that I want to sew. I love this blouse BWOF 5/09 #110. It looks comfortable and has nice lines that I think will be slimming. They also did it up in a print. I have a couple of shirting pieces that I think will make up nicely. I also found a couple of dresses that are very promising, such as BWOF 5/09 103B Check out this cute little vest or waistcoat BWOF 5/09 #108. Cute! Cute!! Cute!!! It would look smashing over a cute little sundress.
I hope to do a little sewing this weekend. We'll see. I need a little therapeutic time in the studio to process all the changes coming about at work. I guess no one is immune to the grip of the poor economy. I need to put my thinking cap on to figure out what is best for me and my family. On a positive note, we busted out a lot of brush this week in La Pine!!! It's fun to watch the property evolve and thanks to Papa Jim and Mama Louise for the wonderful gift of a homemade squirrel feeder and feed. The critters say thanks too!


2BSewing: said...

May BWOF already posted? I have to laugh. I just spent some time today going through my previous BWOF mags. You know, catching up. I do like that little jacket. Thanks for the heads up. :)

gwensews said...

With a lot on your mind, it sounds like you need some definite creative sewing time.

You are fortunate to be in a profession that still needs employees. Good luck finding the right spot.

Maryissewfast said...

Thanks Gwen! I know I am very fortunate and I do have some possibilities...I could always go back to prison (don't get excited...not as an inmate folks!!!) Nursing is a wonderful career to reinvent yourself...maybe I can come up with something that includes nursing AND sewing!

Kat said...

Oh...I love that pink dress! That almost makes me want to subscribe to BWOF. If I had a 24" waist, I would :) .