Saturday, April 25, 2009

Progress Report

Success at Fabric Depot! They had Home Dec fabrics 40% off and had exactly what I needed to do the seats...white marine vinyl! With the discount it came to under $9.00/yard, so I bought a little extra for insurance (and the next big "Got a project for you!") Chatting up one of the employees, I also got some insider information about the Pattern Review weekend. This employee, a delightful 77 year old woman who retired and missed it so much she returned to work, kind of let it slip that there was going to be a sale that weekend, but then back pedaled to say that it wasn't officially on the calendar yet, so don't go tell everybody. So you didn't hear it from me, but... The local folks who know Fabric Depot will know what I'm talking about and for the rest of you...well, you'll just have to experience it for yourselves! That's all I'm going to say until we get confirmation!!! I picked up some cute rems there too...who can go to Fabric Depot and not come out with some fun fabric too? One will be a new Spring skirt for me and the other is for a special Father's day project. I also stopped at JoAnn's for their 50% off thread as I needed some heavy duty thread and needles for the upholstery job. I also found some nice black shirting on the clearance racks, which were an additional 50% off. I identified a need for a black shirt/blouse when cleaning my closet. It always helps to clarify holes in your wardrobe when you cull the dead wood! Also nice to be able to see what's hanging in there! I picked up a couple rems there too (I'm a sucker for a good rem)...a dramatic yellow, white and black print that will also be a skirt and go with the new black shirt and some brown to coordinate with the skirt rem from Fabric Depot. I see that yellow is a hot color this season, but I can't wear a lot of yellow. It makes me look ghastly, but small doses are okay. As far as progress on the upholstery, I got the old pieces off of the frame and deconstructed. The vinyl is so old it cracked and tore in places, but I will make a muslin pattern and test fit it before I cut into the vinyl. My motivation to get this done is that there will be no sewing for me until this is finished, so boat seats are priority one for my next days off. Tom is going to sand and repaint the wood portions of the seats, so that gives me a little time. Hopefully by this time next week Charlie will have his new boat and then we can get a fishing report!

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gwensews said...

Thank you for the heads up! There's nothing like getting a good fabric bargain!

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