Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today...I sewed

Not much, mind you, but needle and thread did meet fabric. Tom brought home some work pants that needed the crotch seam fixed and Uncle Bruce needed his Nomex pants rehemmed. He tried to say that they were an original pair that I had done and was defective...I think NOT...the stitches were too long and the thread was CRAP!!! A girl knows what a girl sews! The hem won't be coming out any time soon now! I used the new $10.00 Singer that I acquired last week. I always try to do at least one project with any machine I drag home before I find it a good home. I guess I am some kind of sewing machine rescue. I sewed my Toby Keith dress and the swing upholstery project on the Singer Touchtronic and Ricci Riccar sewed the boat upholstery. I want to make sure that it works right for the young lady who is about to receive her. I hope she learns to love sewing as much as I do! My Grandma gave me my first machine and I loved to treadle away. This is not a treadle of course, but she is a nice steady machine. I took a picture this morning but didn't have time to download it yet. Hayden and Chloe are coming to spend the night tonight! (Their parents are coming too!) Maybe the pics will get downloaded tomorrow after the kids leave.


gwensews said...

Do you have a license for that "home for unwed sewing machines" you're running? Or is it "elder care"?

julia said...

How thoughtful you are!

Maryissewfast said...

That is too too funny Gwen!!! I just found a home for one of my unwed sewing machines!